What are scatters in slot machines?, What are the most volatile slot machines?

Why is it called scatter in slots?

The bonus games are usually triggered by Scatter symbols, so-called because they can fall anywhere on the reels, not necessarily on successive ones.

How do you win a scatter slot?


Can you make money on scatter slots?

Even though high RTP doesn’t necessarily equate to automatic wins, it increases your chances of cashing out real big when you play non-jackpot games at a casino online. In scatter slots, high RTP slots will increase chances to win real money slots.

How do you know if a slot is volatile?

The simplest way to determine volatility is by looking at the jackpot size. Assuming a game features a huge jackpot, then it’ll pay infrequently. You can’t rely on jackpot size alone, though. Some slots are really volatile, because they offer large bonus prizes, Megaways, random features, and/or cascading reels.

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